Could it be?

I'm outside your window looking in at the pretty light in your eyes.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Woke up with a black eye. Not sure how I got it. My ear is killing me. I can't breathe through my nose. Had to go 2 hours out of town to pick up my cousin. The kid is as annoying as ever, which is to say, quite annoying. Oh, yeah, didn't mention I woke up at 1am with someone knocking at my door. Turned out to be this kid that lives near me yelling at me for "tapping on his window". I told him I didn't and he said he saw me walking away from his window, back towards my house, and apparently I was singing... I don't remember doing that; as far as I know I was asleep from about 6pm until he knocked at my door. I've never sleep walked before, nor have I sung in my sleep.

I typed that about 2 hours ago, if I'm remembering correctly... ^^^ I heard something outside and went to look and there was someone standing in my neighbors yard, behind a tree. It looked like a male, a very tall male, and it was just standing there... I just woke up in my house, my head hurts. I don't remember coming back inside. I just remember looking off my porch at it. My mother isn't home yet, she's been gone all day. I think I'm going to go to someone else's house for tonight.

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